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Citizens Police Academy Application

  1. Citizens Police Academy Application

  2. First Name:
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  15. Have you ever been arrested for any offense other than a traffic violation?

  16. I hereby authorize the Big Spring Police Department to make an examination of the records of the Big Spring Police Department for the purpose of evaluating my application.
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  18. The Citizens Police Academy is a 30 hour program intended to enhance the understanding and cooperation between the citizens of Big Spring and Howard County and the personnel of the Big Spring Police Department. Classes are on each Thursday of the week for 8 weeks and are normally 3 hours in duration. Each student is required to ride on patrol with an officer for 6 hours sometime within the 8 weeks. Graduates have the ability to join the Volunteers in Police Service organization giving them the opportunity to get involved within the community and help local Law Enforcement.

    Return to: Admin Lt. Brian Gordon Next C.P.A. class starts: May 2015
    Big Spring Police Department
    Return Application by mail or Fax
    3613 W. Hwy 80
    Fax: 432 - 264 - 2552
    Big Spring, Tx. 79720
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