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Animal Shelter Volunteer Form

  1. Animal Shelter Indemnification and Release of Liability

  2. I, ______________ of ___________ , State of Texas, County of Howard, in consideration of being permitted to volunteer at facilities owned by the City of Big Spring, specifically, the Big Spring Animal Shelter, I hereby on behalf of myself, my heirs, agents and/or assigns, expressly agree to indemnify, defend, release, waive and forever discharge, in advance, THE CITY OF BIG SPRING, its employees and agents, of and from all liability, actions, claims, demands, damages, costs, judgments and executions either in law or in equity, which I or my heirs, agents and assigns may have or which may subsequently accrue to me or them, including any personal injuries or expenses, death, and/or injuries to property, real or personal, caused by, or arising out of my participation in the Big Spring Animal Shelter Volunteer Program REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH INJURIES, DEATH OR DAMAGE ARE CAUSED IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE PERSONS OR ENTITY MENTIONED ABOVE.

    This release is intended to discharge in advance the CITY OF BIG SPRING, its agents and employees from and against any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with my participation in the Big Spring Animal Shelter Volunteer Program, even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities mentioned above, and REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THAT NEGLIGENCE IS THE SOLE OR CONCURRING CAUSE OF THE INJURY, DEATH OR DAMAGE.

    I further understand that working with animals in any setting may be dangerous and that it is possible for volunteer participants to sustain mortal or serious personal injury, as a consequence thereof. Knowing the risks associated, nevertheless I hereby agree to assume those risks and to indemnify, release and hold harmless all of the persons or entities mentioned above who might otherwise be liable to me (or my heirs, agents or assigns) for damages even though such damages may be caused by the negligence of the persons or entity mentioned above.

    This release is given and signed with my express intent of binding not only myself but also my heirs, agents, executors, administrators, and assigns to said release, waiver, covenant, and discharge.

    I agree to accept and to abide by the policies, rules, and regulations of the Big Spring Animal Control Division, the Big Spring Police Department, and the City of Big Spring.


  3. Dated this the ______ day of _____________ , 20 ____.
  4. ___________________________

    Volunteer Signature

  5. Given under my hand and seal of office on this, the ______ day of ______________ , 20 ___.
  6. ___________________________

    Notary Public, State of Texas

  7. Animal Shelter Volunteer Agreement

  8. I agree to abide by and am aware of the following conditions of volunteering to work with animals at the City of Big Spring Animal Shelter:

    1) Mistreatment of any animal will NOT be tolerated;
    2) I will be responsible for providing my own transportation to and from the animal shelter;
    3) I will always present myself to the public in a professional manner;
    4) I will be appropriately dressed;
    5) I will not discuss shelter business outside the shelter;
    6) I MUST be sure that upon leaving, the shelter has been secured. I will not leave any animal
    or any area of the shelter unsecured for any reason;
    7) I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses due to injury or illness during my
    participation and further attest to the fact that I have no health problems that would hinder or be
    aggravated by volunteering at the shelter; and
    8) I must undergo training approved by the Big Spring Police Department before volunteering on City of Big Spring premises.

    Volunteer activities may include, but are not limited to:

    I) Cleaning kennels and cages;
    2) Removing and disposing of feces from the kennels and shelter grounds;
    3) Changing litter boxes;
    4) Washing bowls and litter pans;
    5) Sweeping and mopping hallways and kennel areas;
    6) Exercising animals;
    7) Feeding animals;
    8) Emptying trash cans; and
    9) Other activities that may arise.

    I understand and agree that as a volunteer, I am not an employee of the City of Big Spring, and I am not entitled to
    any compensation or benefits of any kind, except as otherwise required by law.
    By signing below, I hereby agree that I will not object to or challenge the protocols and procedures outlined by the
    Chief of Police or his designee of the Big Spring Animal Shelter. This includes, but is not limited to: not entering
    unauthorized areas, not touching animals that are in unauthorized areas due to the risk of transmitting contagious
    disease to other animals, not bringing cameras on the premises unless expressly authorized, not presenting myself as
    an employee of the Shelter, and not leaving any doors or cages unlocked at any time. Violation of any of these
    guidelines is grounds for immediate removal from the premises and termination of all future volunteer opportunities
    with the Big Spring Animal Shelter.
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    Printed Name

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  12. _____


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    DL# & State

  14. ______________________

    Other ID

  15. Witness:
  16. ______________________________

    Printed Name

  17. ______________________________


  18. _______________________________________________________________


  19. Acknowledgement of Receipt Volunteer Training Information

  20. By signing below, I hereby acknowledge that I have received the approved Big Spring Animal Shelter Volunteer Training packet. I hereby further agree to abide by all provisions set forth in the Volunteer Training packet as well as direction from Animal Control Staff.
  21. ___________________________

    Printed Name

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  23. _____________________


  24. _____


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    DL# & State

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    Other ID

  27. Witness:
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    Printed Name

  29. ______________________________


  30. _______________________________________________________________


  31. Big Spring Animal Shelter

    Volunteer Orientation

  32. Shelter Overview
  33. Our goal is to place as many adoptable animals in caring and responsible homes as possible,
    through education, adoption and utilization of community and rescue partner organizations.
    Since 2009 the shelter has taken in (as of Oct 2015):
    Over 11,000 dogs, an average of almost 1,600 per year
    Over 6,500 cats, an average of over 900 per year

    Progression towards our goal
    Through partnerships with the community and rescue organizations, our live outcome rates have drastically improved over the years
    Live outcome for dogs
    2009 25.55%
    2010 19.86%
    2011 22.36%
    2012 30.50%
    2013 45.53%
    2014 64.80%
    2015 (Oct 1) 84.91%

    Live outcome for cats has also improved:
    2009 4.06%
    2010 1.67%
    2011 4.14%
    2012 9.23%
    2013 17.06%
    2014 25.33%
    2015 (Oct 1) 30.25%
    A large majority of cats that are handled by Animal Control are feral cats that are caught in live traps by citizens.

    We provide humane euthanasia for medical suffering, cases of aggression, or behavior problems that prevent us from safely adopting the animals back out into the community.
    We are also the designated Local Rabies Control Authority for Big Spring and Howard County and maintain rabies quarantine facilities for both dogs and cats.
  34. Volunteer Sign-Up Requirements
  35. Complete and return the following forms:
    Animal Shelter Indemnification and Release of Liability
    • Must be notarized
    • Notary available at the police department
    Animal Shelter Volunteer Agreement
    • Must be witnessed by an animal control employee
    Pass a criminal background investigation before beginning any volunteer assignment
    Volunteer Orientation Training
    Receive Volunteer ID Card from Police Department (Appointment required, 2 business days to complete)
    Sign-up at ( for available volunteer slots
    Hours available:
    • Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9am·llam
    • Tuesday-Thursday 2pm·4pm
    • Two slots available each day
  36. Volunteer Dos
  37. Sign-up for volunteer times on
    Must be signed up on this site and can not just show up at anytime!
    Wear volunteer 10 badge and lanyard at all times while at shelter.
    • You will not be admitted without a current volunteer ID
    Follow the direction of Animal Control Staff/Kennel Worker at all times!
    IMMEDIATELY report any bites that break the skin or any other injuries or accidents to Animal Control staff!
    Use hand sanitizer between contact with animals to help minimize the spread of disease.
    Keep cell phone use to a minimum please.
    Refer all visitors wanting to adopt a specific animal to Animal Control staff.

    Approved volunteer activities (including and not limited to):
    •Cleaning Kennels and Cages
    •Removing and disposing of feces from the kennels and shelter grounds
    •Changing litter boxes
    •Washing bowls and litter pans
    •Sweeping and mopping hallways and kennel areas
    •Exercising/bathing animals (weather considerations)
    •Feeding animals
    • Emptying trash cans
    •Other activities as approved by staff
    •Treat all staff, visitors, and other volunteers with respect at all times
  38. Volunteer Don'ts
    No smoking in the shelter!
    Do not enter the quarantine area or interact with animals in quarantine!!!
    Do not interact with animals that have "Danger" tags on their cages.
    • The animals with these tags are either aggressive or have not been evaluated by staff to determine their temperament.
    Please do not run or make loud noises. This is for safety and to not excite the animals or visitors unnecessarily.
  40. Quarantine and Danger Tags
  41. Acceptable Attire
  42. Wear clothing you don't mind getting damaged or dirty.
    Tennis shoes or boots are required (no open-toed shoes, flip flops, sandals, etc ... ).
    Pants required (No shorts, this is for safety reasons).
    We suggest an inexpensive, single color, short or long sleeve t-shirt (Hanes, BVD, etc ... ).
    • No clothing with offensive writing or pictures.
    if attire is not acceptable, you will be asked to change.
  43. Dog Fights Occurring at the Shelter
    If a dog fight occurs in the shelter
    • Immediately notify shelter personnel
    • Do not panic and NEVER attempt to grab one of the dogs or separated them.
    • Clap, yell, stomp simultaneously .... as loud and deep as you can "Knock it off"
    • Do not continue yelling if the ONE attempt did not work.
    • stay in control of your emotions
    • With shelter personnel assistance, dump a bucket of water on the dogs' heads (if unable to locate a bucket, shelter personnel may utilize water from a hose)
    • Assist shelter personnel as directed (catch poles or leashes may be utilized)
  45. About Dog Fights
  46. Your safety is more important than protecting the dogs involved in the fight
    You are far more fragile and likely to be injured than a dog
    The vast majority of dog fights do not cause any significant injury to the dogs, no matter how intense the fight appears to be
    Prevention is key!!!
    • Keep dogs separated when taking them out for exercise
    • Ensure that only one dog is out in the walkway between kennels at a time
    • Make sure all outside gates are secure before taking dog outside for exercise
    • If more than one dog outside the building, but inside the fence, all dogs shall be on a leash
  47. After Your Shift
  48. Make sure to avoid possibly contaminating your home/pets by properly disinfecting you and the clothing worn while at the shelter.
    • Pay special attention to the soles of your shoes.
    • Do not leave your soiled clothing anywhere your pets may come into contact with them. (Best to wash them immediately, by themselves.)
  49. Thank you for your help!!!

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