Bad Weather Safety Tips

Tornado Safety Rules

A Tornado Watch means that conditions are right for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes to develop. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been sighted or detected by radar and you should take cover immediately.

In Open Country

  • If there is not time to escape, go to the nearest ditch or ravine and lie face down, with your knees drawn up under you. Cover the back of your head with your hands.
  • Move away from the tornadoes path at a right angle.
  • Never take shelter in an automobile. Go quickly to the nearest shelter.

In School

  • Avoid seeking shelter in the gymnasium or auditorium.
  • Do not open windows or draw curtains or blinds to lessen the danger of flying glass.
  • Follow instruction for that school.
  • Go quickly to an inside hallway on the lowest floor.
  • Students must not board school buses during a tornado warning. Wait until the danger has passed and an all-clear signal is given.

At Home

  • If possible go to a corner of the basement, away from windows for maximum safety.
  • If possible, take a transistor radio with you to listen to your local radio station for weather reports.
  • If there is no basement, take cover in an interior hallway, closet or under heavy furniture in the center part of the house, away from windows.
  • Remain under cover until an all-clear signal has been given.

In Any Other Building

Go to a pre-designated shelter area or to an interior hallway on the lowest floor, preferably the basement. Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls.

After the Tornado has passed look for and use caution around:
  • Damaged or weakened buildings
  • Fallen electric wires
  • Fallen trees or electricity poles
  • Flooding
  • Gas leaks and oil spills
  • Looters
  • Open flames or fires
  • Polluted drinking water
  • Traffic lights not working