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Plat Application Form

  1. Plat Application

  2. Application Information

  3. Property Owner

  4. Authorized Representative

    (Notarized affidavit required including signature of legal owner[s])

  5. Proposed Request Type

  6. Preliminary Plat

  7. Final Plat

  8. Replat

  9. Residential Plat

  10. Administrative Plat

  11. Amending Plat

  12. Minor Plat

  13. Revised Plat

  14. Vacation

  15. Site Information

  16. Are any off-site drainage, access or other easements necessary for this subdivision?

  17. Yes

  18. No

  19. Variances

  20. Are any exemptions or variances from regulations or ploicies requested?

  21. Yes

  22. No

  23. If "yes", answer the questions below:

  24. 1. The granting of the variance will not be detrimental to the public safety, health or welfare, or be injurious to other property.

  25. 2. The conditions upon which the request for a variance is based are unique to the property for which the variance is sought and are not applicable generally to other property.

  26. 3. Because of the particular physical surroundings, shape, or topographical conditions of the specific property involved, a particular hardship to the owner would result, as distinguished from a mere inconvenience, if the strict letter of these regulations is carried out.

  27. 4. The variance will not, in any significant way, vary the provisions of applicable ordinances.

  28. Development Agreement

  29. Are you requesting City participation?

  30. Yes

  31. No

  32. Submission Information – Initial Application

  33. Applications must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting at which consideration is desired. The Planning and Zoning Commission generally meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month. (Check any items submitted with this application form.)

  34. 6 Plat Proposals in the Narrative Form

  35. 6 Plat Proposal Maps

  36. CAD/GIS Files

  37. Title Policy

  38. Tax certificate

  39. Performance Bond/Letter of Credit

  40. Title Opinion

  41. Drainage plan (if applicable)

  42. Recording Fee

  43. Application Fee

  44. Submission Information - Upon Approval

  45. Once the plat has been reviewed and approved, the following final documentation must be submitted.

  46. 3 paper plat copies with signatures

  47. 2 Mylar plat copies

  48. Signatures

  49. If any property owner is to be represented by an authorized agent and said agent files and executes the application on behalf of the property owner, the agent should print the property owner’s name and his own on the lines provided on page 1 and complete the affidavit below. All materials, including exhibits, submitted in support of an application, or displayed during a public hearing, shall remain the property of the City of Big Spring.

    The owner understands that upon approval of this submitted plat, certain site improvements may be required and that no plats will be released for recording or building permits issued until such improvements are installed and accepted by the City or a suitable performance guarantee accepted by the City. Furthermore, the owner is aware of all fees and costs involved in applying for subdivisions approval and that the subdivisions processing fee is payable to the City regardless of the outcome of this request.

    The undersigned hereby applies for subdivisions plat approval in accordance with the subdivisions policies and regulations of the City of Big Spring and certifies that the information contained on this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

  50. Before me, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared ___________________________________ who, being by me duly Sworn, upon oath says: That he is authorized by __________________________________, the owner of the above described property, to fully represent him in this application and that he has the legal right, power, and authority to sign said owner’s name hereto as his attorney in fact.

  51. State of Texas
    County of Howard

  52. (Signature of Affiant)

  53. Subscribed and sworn to before me, by the said ___________________________, this______ day of __________, 20_____, to certify which witness my hand and seal of office.

  54. (Notary Public, Howard Country, Texas)

  55. Application Fees

  56. Plat


  57. Recording Fee

    Current Howard County Recording Fee ($72.00)

  58. General Information

    • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

    • This application will not be scheduled for hearing until reviewed and deemed complete by the Director of Public Works or designee.

    • The Preliminary Plat shall be considered officially filed only when it has been received in the Planning Office in full compliance with the provisions of the Subdivisions Regulations of the City of Big Spring, including items listed above. The Planning and Zoning Commission may recommend approval, disapproval, or conditional approval of any Preliminary Plat. Conditional approval is considered to be approval of a Preliminary Plat subject to conformity with prescribed conditions, but is considered to be approval of the general arrangement of lots, street, and alleys and the width of streets and alleys, but is not considered to be final acceptance of the Subdivision Plat. Preliminary Plats must be considered by the City Council unless otherwise amended by Ordinance. Any approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission is considered a recommendation to the City Council, unless otherwise amended by Ordinance.

    • For all other plats and amendments, this application authorizes the City Secretary to file the plat with the Howard County Clerk for recording, following approval. This application shall also authorize the filing of the associated documents which are approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission or City Council and shall authorize the City of Big Spring to reproduce from the plat, at the expense of the applicant, three direct prints and two Mylar prints for the City of Big Spring record files. Final Plat shall be considered officially filed only when it has been received in the Planning Office in full compliance with the provisions of the Subdivision Regulations of the City of Big Spring.

  59. Office use only

  60. Affidavit attached?:

  61. Leave This Blank: