I requested a trial. What happens now?
If you enter a plea of not guilty and request a trial, the court will inform you of the trial date set. It is your responsibility to remember this date and see your case through to final disposition.

All appeals and motions for new trial shall be in conformity with the requirements set forth by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure as it is interpreted by the appellate courts. The Big Spring Municipal Court is not a court of record; therefore, all appeals are conducted in the Howard County courts of law. These trials are trials "de novo" which means that the entire case is re-tried as if the trial in Municipal Court never occurred. In order to preserve the right to appeal, a proper and timely appeal bond must be filed with the Municipal Court, that is in conformity with the requirements set forth in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Please call 432-264-2530 for more information.

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12. I requested a trial. What happens now?
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