How Do I?

Images of Big Spring, Texas
  1. Apply For

    Apply for licenses, permits, and other programs.

    1. Employment Opportunities

      Locate your perfect job by searching through available employment opportunities.

    2. Board or Committee (PDF)

      Review descriptions of boards and committees, and fill out an application for a spot on one.

    3. Building Permits

      Whenever you are going to start a project, please contact the Building Inspection Department to verify if permits are required.

    4. Street Light (PDF)

      The Subdivision Development Ordinance of the City of Big Spring establishes criteria for determining street lights and lighting within new developments. There is a need to delineate the placement of street lights in existing subdivisions.

    5. Vendor Permit

      Any person, firm or corporation who wishes to peddle or engage in the business as an itinerant vendor or peddler must obtain a license.

  2. Contact

    Make contact with departments or personnel in the city.

    1. City Manager

      The City Manager's mission is to provide for the general administration of the city while executing the policies and objectives of the City Council.

    2. Fire Department

      The Big Spring Fire Department is a dedicated team of professionals who provide a response to any situation that involves life safety and preservation of property, in a safe and timely manner, until the conclusion of the situation.

    3. Mayor or City Council

      The Big Spring City Council provides legislative leadership in establishing ordinances, resolutions, and other polices designed to provide effective administration of city departments to ensure orderly development of the city and to promote the safety and welfare of the Citizens of Big Spring.

    4. Police Department

      The members of the Big Spring Police Department strive to respond to the law enforcement needs of the citizens working with the community using cooperative dialogue, through crime prevention interdiction, and maintaining an adaptive attitude to provide quality service.

    5. Other Departments / Personnel

      Find contact information for other departments and personnel working for the city.

  3. Find

    Quickly find important information and resources.

    1. City Statistics

      Get statistics about the City of Big Spring.

    2. Local Parks & Recreation

      The Parks Department operates the city's parks and recreation facilities to provide family-oriented recreational areas in order to contribute to the high quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

  4. Get a Map For

    Get maps for areas around Big Spring.

    1. Big Spring Locations of Interest (PDF)

      Download a map of Big Spring with locations of interest listed.

    2. Comanche Trail Map (PDF)

      Download a map for the Comanche Trail.

    3. District Map (PDF)

      Download a map of the voting districts in the city.

    4. Fire Stations (PDF)

      Download a map of fire stations within the city.

    5. Zoning Map (PDF)

      Download a zoning map of the City of Big Spring.

  1. Report a Problem

    Report a problem in the city to Big Spring.

    1. Crimestoppers

      If you have information about a crime or criminal activity contact CrimeStoppers.

    2. Damaged / Missing Street Sign

      Report an issue with a street sign.

    3. Stray Animal

      Contact Animal Control to report stray animals in your neighborhood.

    4. Water Leak

      Delivering water to our homes, businesses, schools, fire hydrants and numerous other needs is the job of an extensive water distribution system. The distribution system is nearly hidden from view since it is chiefly underground. We become very aware of the importance of this underground system when it leaks or water delivery to our homes is interrupted.

    5. Report a Concern

      A tracker for concerns involving the Administration, Animal Services, Fire Department, Parks and Rec, and Public Works departments. Use this link to submit trackable concerns on things such as a missing street sign, leak in the road, potholes, illegal dumping, or weedy lots.

  2. Sign Up For

    Discover how to sign up for programs, events, and other activities.

    1. Comanche Trail Golf Course Tournament (PDF)

      Download a flyer for the golf course tournament at Comanche Trail.

    2. Notifications

      Use our Notify Me system to receive emails about changes to our website.

    3. Water / Sanitation Service

      To establish water and sanitation service in the City of Big Spring, applicants must apply in person at The City of Big Spring Water Office located in the Polly Mays Annex.

  3. Submit

    Find out how to submit information to our offices, including payments, forms, permits, and other information.

    1. Pay a Ticket

      Pay a ticket or citation online.

    2. Utility Bill Payments

      Pay your utility bill online.

  4. View

    Review important information from the city.

    1. City Auction

      Find out what's up for auction from the city.

    2. City Department Directory

      Find contact information for the department or city personnel you need to get in touch with.

    3. City Employee Star Nomination Form (PDF)

      Nominate a city employee for the Star Award.

    4. City Newsletters

      Review newsletters published by the City of Big Spring.

    5. Code of Ordinances

      Download the Big Spring Code of Ordinances by chapter.

    6. Public Notices

      View notices published by the city.