We staff in the Permits/Inspection and Planning Departments welcome you! To better serve you, we have split information on this page into two categories: existing development and new development. 

Existing Development. 

 If you are here researching whether or not you need permits for remodeling your home for example, putting up a fence, adding a shed, carport or any other construction project to your home, then we would like to direct you to the Permits/Inspection link on the left hand side of the screen.

New Development. 

This section is mainly for large-scale development. If you are here for the purposes of planning and constructing a new commercial development, a multi-family apartment complex; a new housing subdivision or looking to remodel an existing commercial structure and introduce a new use or uses to the property, then you may want to skim through the City of Big Spring Development Process Guidelines. To access this document, please click here. These guidelines should give you an idea of the steps you may need to take to realize the vision for your project. Please note: the Development Process Guidelines are outdated and are currently being revised so you may want to contact the Planning Department or the Permits/ Inspections Department to find out what has changed. Clicking the links displayed on the left will help you with their contact information.