Police Academy Information

Certification for Non-Certified Police Officers 
Individuals hired as a non-certified Police Officer will be required to complete the Police Academy and pass the TCOLE exam to obtain certification as a Peace Officer in the State of Texas. The Big Spring Police Department will enroll and pay for the employee to attend the Police Academy. Cadets receive the non-certified officer salary while attending the academy.

The Big Spring Police Department sends cadets to the Permian Basin Law Enforcement Academy in Midland, Texas.  The Academy prepares cadets for a career in law enforcement through a rigorous seventeen week academic and physical training program. 

Cadets do not live at the academy but travel back and forth for training each day, Monday through Friday.  Due to the intensive training program, cadets are not allowed to hold other types of employment or attend other educational classes while attending the academy.  The Permian Basin Law Enforcement Academy is located at 4214 FM 307, Midland, Texas 79706.

Upon graduation, all new officers are on probation for twelve months and are assigned to the Field Training Officer (FTO) Program for 12 to 16 weeks.   A police officer's first duty assignment is as a patrol officer.

For and in consideration of the above, the employee must agree to repay the cost of Police Academy training immediately upon his or her voluntary termination of employment with the City of Big Spring Police Department if such termination occurs within 2 calendar years from the date the employee was hired.