Report a Problem

  1. Crimestoppers

    If you have information about a crime or criminal activity contact CrimeStoppers.

  2. Damaged / Missing Street Sign

    Report an issue with a street sign.

  3. High Weeds / Junk Cars

    Let us know about properties with high weeds, junk cars, or other code violations.

  4. Pothole

    Tell us about any potholes you come across on city streets.

  5. Stray Animal

    Contact Animal Control to report stray animals in your neighborhood.

  6. Street Light Outage

    Let Oncor know if you find a street light in need of maintenance.

  7. Water Leak

    Delivering water to our homes, businesses, schools, fire hydrants and numerous other needs is the job of an extensive water distribution system. The distribution system is nearly hidden from view since it is chiefly underground. We become very aware of the importance of this underground system when it leaks or water delivery to our homes is interrupted.