2014 Star Employees

The Big Spring City Council wishes to give special thanks and recognition to our Star Employees. Each one of you has proven to be a valuable asset to the City of Big Spring and we congratulate you on a job well done.

August 2014 - Isaac Hilario, Irby Williams, & Steve Salinas

Last month during a pipe repair, these three Utility Service Workers worked to get a resident's water issue resolved as quickly as possible. According to Dale Pittman, a lawful resident of the City of Big Spring, their "service and dedication to and for the City of Big Spring and its residents is gratefully appreciated by this Citizen!"

September 2014 - Leslie Whitten & Thomas Hodges

When a new upcoming construction company required help to get a permit, Leslie and Thomas took the time to meet with Haveli Construction representatives. In spite of being extremely busy with Fourth of July festivities for the City of Big Spring citizens, Mike Terry, President of Haveli Construction, said "they also went above and beyond in resolving some conflicting addresses. We are really excited to be building in Big Spring and your great city staff is proving that we have made the right decision to build here."

November 2014 - Jeanne Wilson

The Texas Court Clerk's Association (TCCA) presented Jeanne Wilson the Excellence Award. The Excellence Award is the highest honor awarded by the Texas Court Clerk's Association. It recognizes the exemplary performance of an individual in the court profession, serving in a non-judicial capacity, who brings honor, public awareness and enhances the image of the Association, and whose actions through major achievements, benefit the entire membership by consistently demonstrating professionalism and the pursuit of excellence. The Excellence Award is awarded to recipients by the Texas Court Clerks Association only once in a lifetime. Recipients must have previously received the Distinguished Service and Extraordinary Achievement Award.

December 2014 - Tammy Adams

Recently, Shari Wolf, a citizen of the City of Big Spring, and her son took a large load of grubbed cactus to the city landfill. They took 2 rakes to unload the cactus; however, in the process of unloading, both rakes broke. Tammy was working nearby and noticed their dilemma. Tammy immediately offered assistance, fixing one of their rakes and helping them unload the remaining cactus. In her letter, Mrs. Wolf stated that Tammy "was awesome with her skill in using that big blade. You cannot imagine our gratitude to this woman for her assistance!" Mrs. Wolf added that "as citizens, we don't take the time to fully appreciate and express gratitude to the hard working people who make our lives easier and safer, as do the employees of the City of Big Spring."