Homes & Neighborhoods

  1. Animal Care

    Learn about animal care opportunities in the city.

    1. Animal Nuisance / Noise Complaint

      Residents, whether living in an urban, suburban or city, are expected to tolerate reasonable amount of noise including, barking dogs or other animals, without complaint.

    2. Find a Lost Pet/Adopt a Pet

      See if Animal Control has your lost pet, or adopt a pet into your family.

    3. Get a Pet License

      Get information about acquiring a pet license.

  2. City of Big Spring Newsletter

    Review the City Report Newsletters.

  3. Clean Neighborhoods

    Get information about the Clean Neighborhoods initiatives in place around the city.

    1. Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative (PDF)

      Download information about the Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative.

  4. Construction & Remodeling

    Get information about the construction and remodeling activities taking place around the city.

    1. Development Progress Report March 2, 2016 (PDF)

      Review a development progress report, updated March 2, 2016.

    2. I Need Information on Building Permits

      Whenever you are going to start a project, please contact the Building Inspection Department to verify if permits are required.

  5. Neighborhood Services

    Learn about the services available to neighborhoods in Big Spring.

    1. Hydrant Flushing

      Periodically, the Public Works Department opens fire hydrants throughout the city and allows the water to flow through the pipes. The hydrant-flushing program is very important to the maintenance of the city's water system.

    2. Report High Weeds or Junk Cars

      Submit an online form to report high weeds, junk cars, and other code violations.

    3. Report a Water Leak

      Delivering water to our homes, businesses, schools, fire hydrants and numerous other needs is the job of an extensive water distribution system. The distribution system is nearly hidden from view since it is chiefly underground. We become very aware of the importance of this underground system when it leaks or water delivery to our homes is interrupted.

    4. Water Conservation Tips

      Find a few water conservation methods that all customers of Big Spring utilities should utilize to conserve water.

  6. Nominate a Star Employee (PDF)

    Nominate a city employee who you've seen doing a great job for the community for the Star Employee Award.

  7. Special Announcements

    Review special announcements published by the city.

  8. Star Employees

    Meet the Star Employees of Big Spring, Texas.

    1. 2015 Star Employees

      2015 City of Big Spring Star Employees

    2. 2014 Star Employees

      2014 City of Big Spring Star Employees

    3. 2013 Star Employees

      2013 City of Big Spring Star Employees

    4. 2012 Star Employees

      2012 City of Big Spring Star Employees