Police Application Process

The following is an outline of the Police Officer hiring process. Each stage must be successfully completed before proceeding to the next stage.

Phase 1:  Preliminary Application

To be considered for employment with the Big Spring Police Department a candidate must complete the preliminary application. The application must contain truthful and complete responses. "NA" or "None" must be written in each blank that does not apply.  The applications must be printed or submitted online.

Phase 2:  Personal History Questionnaire

Applicants will be given a Personal History Questionnaire. This document must be completed, notarized and returned to the Human Resources Department within the time frame established by the department. Each applicant is also required to sign an Agreement Authorizing Release of Information.

Phase 3:  Written Examination

Applicants will be notified by email if they are eligible to progress to the written examination. The written examination is designed to test the relative skills and capacity of each applicant.  Applicants must pass all four sections of the exam with a 70% or above.  Applicants who pass the written examination will advance to the Physical Agility Test.  

Phase 4:  Physical Agility Test

We encourage you to physically prepare for this test prior to any attempt and recommend that you consult a physician prior to undertaking any rigorous training program. If you do not believe you are able to pass this test, you should not submit your application until you feel you can meet all of the physical agility requirements.

Phase 5:  Oral Board Interview

Applicants who successfully complete the physical agility test will be required to appear before a panel of department staff for interview. The interview will cover information learned about the applicant during the previous stages. The applicant will be asked questions designed to demonstrate certain knowledge, skills and abilities considered basic for effective performance as a police officer with the Big Spring Police Department.  Professional business attire is required. 

Phase 6:  Background Investigation

An extensive background investigation will be conducted on your personal, family, financial, employment, credit, and residential history.  The background investigation is conducted to establish evidence of good moral character, a well-adjusted personality and a pattern of conduct acceptable to the Big Spring Police Department. 

Phase 7:  Polygraph Examination

Polygraph examinations are performed on all candidates to ensure truthfulness.

Phase 8:  Medical/Psychological Examination

The review is designed to assess the candidate's physical, mental and emotional fitness to function successfully as a Big Spring Police Officer.  You will be scheduled for a medical and a psychological examination. It is important to report on time to these appointments. If you wear glasses or contacts, please make sure to bring them to your appointment. 

Phase 9:  Final Review and Chief of Police Approval

Pending the successful completion of all the previous phases, your application file will go through a final review process and be submitted to the Chief of Police for final approval.  Placement into the Police Training Academy is contingent upon passing all recruiting phases and the availability of positions in academy classes.  

New Employee Orientation/Probationary Period

New employees must complete orientation on their first day of work. Police Officers must complete a probationary period of twelve (12) months.  For non-certified Police Officers, this twelve (12) month period begins after completion of the academy and receipt of TCOLE Peace Officer certification.


Applicants who successfully complete the applicant process will be required to pass a course established by department guidelines with a score of 80%.

Certification for Non-Certified Police Officers

Individuals hired as a non-certified Police Officer will be required to complete the Police Academy and pass the TCOLE exam to obtain certification as a Peace Officer in the State of Texas. The Big Spring Police Department will enroll and pay for the employee to attend the Police Academy and pay the employee's regular salary while attending the academy.

For and in consideration of the above, the employee must agree to repay the cost of Police Academy training immediately upon his or her voluntary termination of employment with the City of Big Spring Police Department if such termination occurs within 2 calendar years from the date the employee was hired.

After receiving the required TCOLE certification, the officer will be required to complete sixteen (16) weeks of Field Officer Training.