Fire Department Benefits

Firefighters' Pension Commission

The employee pays 13% of gross salary and the City pays 18% into the firefighter pension account. The amount of income payable upon retirement will depend upon the member's age and the number of years of service.

Deferred Compensation Retirement (in Lieu of Social Security)

6.7 % of the employee's adjusted gross salary is matched by the city as follows: 5.51% into the Deferred Compensation retirement plan, and 2.19% for a life and disability insurance package (see below) for a total matched funds of 7.70%. This is a tax-sheltered program. 

Life Insurance & Disability Package

The City provides a life insurance package equal to four (4) times the employee's annual salary with an additional life insurance option available for employees and dependents. The disability package ensures that in the event of a permanent disability, a maximum of 60% of the monthly salary is paid, up to a maximum of $3,000 per month.

Health Insurance

The City of Big Spring pays the premium for the employee's health insurance and supplements the cost of the dependent health insurance.  Dependent coverage is available to the employee at a cost of:

  • Employee/Child(ren): $277.05 per month
  • Employee/Spouse: $557.72 per month
  • Employee/Family: $755.06 per month

*Pharmacy/prescription coverage is included in the health insurance benefit package.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is available to the employee at a cost per month of:

  • Employee Only $22.08 per month
  • Employee/Spouse  $44.78 per month
  • Employee/Child(ren)  $46.64 per month
  • Employee/Family  $72.40 per month

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is available to the employee at a cost per month of:

  • Employee Only $7.22 per month
  • Employee/Spouse  $13.71 per month
  • Employee/Child(ren)  $14.43 per month
  • Employee/Family  $18.40 per month

Longevity Pay

Longevity pay is payment for years of service. Longevity payments begin after 1 year of service and are based on the following schedule:

Years of ServiceAnnual/YearAmount per Pay Period

Workers' Compensation

Standard State requirements for Workers' Compensation insurance are met.   If you are injured on the job, you must report the incident to your supervisor immediately.

Firefighter's Vacation Accrual

  • 0-9 years  15 days/year
  • 10-14 years  17 days/year
  • 15-19 years 18 days/year
  • 20-24 years  19 days/year
  • 25+ years  20 days/year

Firefighter's Sick Time Accrual

Allotted 15 days per year.

Funeral Leave

Up to one (1) shift per calendar year may be granted for funeral leave, if the death is outside the employee's household. Up to two (2) shifts of funeral leave may be granted if the deceased lived in the employee's household or is classified as immediate family (see personnel policies).

Cafeteria Plan

The City provides a Flex Plan to allow employees to tax shelter certain medical expenses. This program provides a tax savings increasing the employee's take home pay.

Recreation Privileges

Employees and their dependents get free admission to Moss Lake with presentation of the employee's ID card.

City employees also receive reduced fees at the Comanche Trail Golf Course. Fees are as follows:

  • Green Fees: $7.70 per pay period
  • Shed Fees: $22.50 per pay period
  • Trail Fees: $10.42 per pay period

Tuition Reimbursement Program

The program provides reimbursement to participating employees for college tuition and book fees. Employees must complete the six (6) month probationary period to be eligible for the Tuition Reimbursement program.  Reimbursement amounts vary based on grades.