Report a Water Leak

Delivering water to our homes, businesses, schools, fire hydrants and numerous other needs is the job of an extensive water distribution system. The distribution system is nearly hidden from view since it is chiefly underground. We become very aware of the importance of this underground system when it leaks or water delivery to our homes is interrupted.

Sometimes water leaks do occur. When a leak does appear, it will be the city's responsibility if it is prior to your water meter. A leak after your meter is from your piping or connections and is your responsibility. The City of Big Spring cannot repair leaks on the customer side of the meter. When a leak does occur please report the leak to the Utilities Department. A determination will be made of where the leak is and who must repair it.

Water leaks are serious and will be repaired as quickly as possible. Please remember the severity of the leak will determine the repair priority. Emergency and larger leaks must be given a high priority while smaller leaks will still be repaired as quickly as possible. Sometimes it seems as if it takes a very long time for the city to repair a leak in your neighborhood. Please keep in mind, it will be repaired as quickly as possible depending on other leaks and emergencies within our City.

Caring and maintaining this complex system requires constant effort from a number of skilled persons. Repair and maintenance is difficult and dangerous since nearly all piping is under our streets. The thousands of valves must be easily found for emergency repairs regardless of the weather conditions, time of day, or day of the year. Valves must be exercised so they will be operational when needed. Fire hydrants are checked and maintained to ensure when an emergency does occur they are ready.

Reporting Issues

If you notice:
  • Broken, leaking fire hydrant
  • Water leak by the curb
  • Water running in the street
  • Water spewing from the meter or the meter connections (the nuts and bolts that connect the meter to the cut-off valve or your water line)
Call the City of Big Spring Utility Department for repairs at 432-264-2392 or send an email. Please be sure to have the location/address of the leak. If you have a leak in your home, outside your home but within your property boundary or in another location within your property this will be the responsibility of the homeowner.