1. City Manager

    The City Manager's mission is to provide for the general administration of the city while executing the policies and objectives of the City Council.

  2. Fire Department

    The Big Spring Fire Department is a dedicated team of professionals who provide a response to any situation that involves life safety and preservation of property, in a safe and timely manner, until the conclusion of the situation.

  3. Mayor or City Council

    The Big Spring City Council provides legislative leadership in establishing ordinances, resolutions, and other polices designed to provide effective administration of city departments to ensure orderly development of the city and to promote the safety and welfare of the Citizens of Big Spring.

  4. Police Department

    The members of the Big Spring Police Department strive to respond to the law enforcement needs of the citizens working with the community using cooperative dialogue, through crime prevention interdiction, and maintaining an adaptive attitude to provide quality service.

  5. Other Departments / Personnel

    Find contact information for other departments and personnel working for the city.